Diloreto and Long Rental Housing

Our clients for the most part consist of investors who have other primary professions and do not have the time to properly fully service their investment properties.

Our services provided by John Cleary, our (full-time) property manager, allows our investors to continue to own their properties with peace of mind and virtually no headaches. We take the guesswork out of investing with a current zero percent vacancy rate.

Our primary goal is tenanting your investment to qualified tenants that meet your requirements.

Common services that we provide to our clients

Renting Will Include:

  • Renting of your unit at a pre-determined price
  • Post-dated cheques for the term of the rental
  • First and last month rent deposit in advance
  • References (upon request)
  • A lease agreement with accompanying Schedule (as tailored for your property)
  • A Guarantor (if required)
  • Tenant/Guarantor Information Sheet
  • Market Analysis Including a competitive rental rate

Adam Andrew and Jon from Guelph Pads

Extended Management Services:

Management: 24 hour tentant support with full-time staff available to handle any emergencies that may arise.

Monthly inspections of the property taking major issues into consideration such as wear and tear, cleanliness, scheduled maintenance, ect.. You will be emailed with a thorough report of our findings and recommendations.

We have qualified trades available for any repairs/maintenance that potentially need to be made. We conduct extensive research to find competitively priced and experienced individuals to repair any potential problems as they arise in a timely manner.

We have licensed real estate sales representatives Adam DiLoreto and Andrew Long with Coldwell Banker Neumann Real Estate who are able to evaluate a current market value of your investment. They are also able to help you with future investments that you may be willing to buy or sell.

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